About Birdy’s Coffee Concentrate

Birdy’s handcrafted cold brewed coffee concentrate is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced direct from farms in Colombia and Sumatra. The grounds are cold brewed over 24 hours to extract the best the beans have to offer.

The grounds are fully immersed in filtered water to yield a coffee concentrate, Into The Black, that is smooth, rich in flavour and aromatic, yet low in acidity. After 24 hours, the grounds are separated from the coffee concentrate, then filtered and bottled. The cold brewing method locks in the inherent flavours of the beans which remain constant whether the drink is prepared hot or cold. When refrigerated, Into The Black, can be used as desired for up to two and a half weeks from the time it was bottled.

Into The Black does not contain additives or preservatives and has been certified pesticide-free.

Please contact us for special orders as we are no longer retailing through our online shop. We deliver in Singapore only.

How To Enjoy Birdy’s Coffee Concentrate

The coffee concentrate on it’s own can be taken as an espresso. To have a hot espresso, simply pour out a portion and heat in the microwave for up to 60 seconds. Water, milk or dairy substitutes can be added to the coffee concentrate as preferred. Have it chilled or over ice with a splash of Birdy’s Organic Orange or Organic Hazelnut syrups.

Into The Black can be used as a mixer in coffee based cocktails, in baked goods, over ice cream or in sauces for meat dishes. For a more interesting liquer, experience why not freeze some coffee concentrate, then drop it into a measure or two of Baileys or whisky?


Working Responsibly

Birdy’s supports social enterprises such as Bettr Barista in Singapore from whom we get our coffee beans.

In an effort to minimize our impact on the environment, our reusable coffee filters are cleaned and sterilized before and after each brewing. We also reuse our glass bottles, so please contact us to return them to for cleaning and sterilization. Earth-friendly cleaning agents are used for all our production equipment and bottles. Used coffee grounds are redeployed to local nurseries.